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Babu Bisheshwar Narayan Singh
(1849-1898 AD)

पद्माकरं दिनकरोविकचि करोति, चन्द्रो विकासयति कैरवचक्रवालम्।
नाभ्यर्थितो जलधरोऽपि जलं ददाति, सन्तः स्वयं परहितोनिहिताभियोगा।।

(सन्त भर्तृहरिरचित नीति-शतक से)

(The Sun causes Lotus to bloom. the Moon on its own makes Lily to bloom. The clouds too, without being asked, give water, likewise great souls are always taking initiatives to do good to others.)

Babu Bisheshwar Narayan Singh was born in 1849 AD and Babu Shaligram Singh was born in 1852 AD in the Kulharia village. Both the brothers did their matriculation from Patna Collegiate School and intermediate from the Patna College. Babu Bisheshwar Singh was the commissioner of Patna Municipalty. Babu Shaligram Singh did his Graduation in Law from Presidency College, Calcutta in 1877 AD and then started his practice in Calcutta High Court. Both the brothers were active members of Indian National Congress. They were avid educationists and nationalists. College was established in 1889 by these two brothers... Read more
our history

Babu Shaligram Singh
(1852-1905 AD)

Principal's Desk

Bihar National College Patna, popularly known by its acronym B.N.College, is one of the oldest colleges of Bihar. At present it is one of the constituent units of Patna University, however, it was established much before the establishment of University. This college enjoys its splendid history of serving this planet through a very strong leverage of education sector.

For me, it is a matter of great pride and pleasure to welcome you all from the desk of Principal of such a prestigious college. This college was granted B++ grade in accreditation by NACC in the first cycle. In the last month college has submitted SSR for NACC accreditation for IInd cycle.

All the departments, regular and vocational, of college are doing well. Teachers and staff are bound to cater educational needs of our students. Students are also performing well. In 2018 students of Sociology and Mathematics earned Gold Medals at UG level. Our students have also earned pride for this college in social, cultural and sports activities. We prepare our young and energetic students for future such that they will always act like a powerful detergent to wash out the problems of place where they will stand as they do not know how to knee down before the problems....... Read more

(Dr. Rajkishore Prasad)

Ph.D (Electronics), D.Eng (Japan), Ex-PDRF (JP), PGDYS (NOU Patna)

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our Tour

Mission & Vision


The college aims at preparing the students as a noble, responsible, cultured, disciplined and self-reliant citizen with dedication towards national duties as well as moral values through modern teaching techniques for general and professional courses as expected in the civilized society.


To build an educated, cultured, conscious and egalitarian society based on justice, equity, freedom and harmony.

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