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About Us

Bihar National College, popularly known as B. N. College was established in 1889 by two avid educationists and nationalists Babu Bisheswar Singh and Shaligram Singh of Kulharia Raj, Bhojpur, Bihar. During the colonial yoke after Indian National Congress was formed in 1885, these two brothers felt the crying need to stoke up nationalist feelings amongst the students christened this college Bihar National College, but the then British Government mounted much pressure upon them to delete the word National and promised to give the title of Raja and a very big Jagir. But as these brothers were different from the other zamindars in the sense that while others considered the dissemination of education a grave threat to their existence, these Singh brothers were committed to the ennobling and lofty causes of education, they did not succumb to the pressures. At that time Bisheswar Singh was a student of final year (law) at Calcutta College of Law. The Governor General of Calcutta expelled him from the college. Not only this when Bisheswar Singh started practicing law at Patna civil court after obtaining the PL certificate, he was not allowed to sit in the Bar Association. He had to encounter umpteen trails and tribulations. The Govt. declared them to be Vidrohi and eventually Shaligram Singh's son Shashi Shekhar Singh, the father of Justice K.B.N. Singh was shot dead in 1942. Therefore, this National word is very meaningful with a long and glorious history which still informs the students with nationalist feelings and emotions. Jagpati Kumar who is among the seven martyrs was a student of this college.
Initially the college imparted education in English, Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi, Philosophy etc. up to Honours level. For the first time in Bihar this college initiated the teaching of Law. Prof. Atmaram who later on became the Principal of Patna College was the first in-charge of the faculty of Law. These days this college imparts Hons. level education in three faculties, the faculty of humanities, the faculty of Science and the faculty of Social Sciences. The teaching at the postgraduate level is being imparted in English. Four vocational courses: Functional English, Biotechnology, BCA, and BBA are being run successfully and efficiently. Many students have proved their merit of the global level. Read More

Dr. Rajkishore Prasad


Bihar National College Popularly Known As B.N. College Was Established In 1889 By Two Avid Educationalists and Nationalist’s Babu Bishewar Singh and Shaligram Singh of Kulharia Raj, Bhojpur and Bihar. During the colonial yoke after Indian national congress was formed in 1885, these two brothers felt the crying need to stoke up nationalist feelings


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