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The Department of English is a major Post-graduate and undergraduate department of B.N. College, Patna. A galaxy of international icons like Prof. Moinul Hague, who was a well known personality in the field of sport and a stadium in Rajendranagar, Patna in Named after him Moinul Hague Stadium, graced the chair of the Principal of the college for twenty Years (1935-1955). Prof. D.P. vidyarthy (Formar Principal), Prof. D.P. Sengupta (Ex Head P.u), Prof. R.C. Prasad (a noted writer who wrote more than three dozons of books and earned international praise and ex-head, PU), Prof. Gurudas Mukherjee (a distinguished scholar, poet & ex-External Affairs, Govt. of india), Dr. Ramashray Yadav (ex chairman, BPSE and Ex-VC T.M. Bhalapur University), Dr. R.K.Podar (Ex-chairman, BPSE and Ex-VC T.M Bhagalpur University), Dr. R.K. Poddar (Ex-chairman, Biar Secondary Bord), distinguished scholar who wrote a plethora of books apart from translating Homar's lliad and odyssey into Hindi), Dr. K.N. Sharma (Ex-head, PU), Dr. L.J. Prasad (Ex-Head PU), Dr. A.B.S. Abdul Moghni (Prof. & head, and Ex-VC, LNMU who was nationally Known in the field of urdu also), Prof. B.P. Mazumdar, Prof. S.P. Roy, Prof. J.C. Choudhary, Prof. K.P. Singh, (Ex-member, BPSE and Ex-VC, B.P. Mandal University Madhepur), Dr. Shivjatan Thakur (Ex-member, BPSE) prof, S.M. Ashok(Ex-Head of the Dept. of english PU) Dr. Rekha mohan singh (Ex-Head of the department of english PU) amd many other have been associated with this department presently Dr. C.N. Panday Heads the department. these teachers have done Bihar Proud with their intellectual and scholarly pursuits.

This department is one of the most reputed department of the college actively engaged in research work and the publication of articles, journals and books. engaged in research work and the publication of articles, journals and books. the faculty includes specialists in all area of language and literature. Our teachers have Published Select Story of Lawarence, Vikas Prakashan , Khanzanchi Road patna, 4.2004, African Litereture an Assessment, Chintan Publication, kanpur 2005 D.H. Lawrence : The Fox, Odour of Chrysanthemums & The White Stocking , Hind Publishers, Patna 2008, The Pierian Spring : An Anthology of English Poems, Orient Longman, N. Delhi, 2008, Exploration of ideas : An Anthology of Pross, orient Blackswan, New Delhi, 2009, Arnold's The Study of Poetry : A Critque, Moti Lal Banasridas, New Delhi, 2011, Lives of the Poets, Vikas publication, Patna, 2013 and A Satrire on Modern Society Entitled Choose Your Own Epitaph Socity, Rama Publication Gaya Those are prescribed for the undergraduate and Post-Graduate student of patna University and also for other university of the country.

English Faculty List

Dr. Dhrub Narayan SinhaAssociate ProfessorView Profile
Dr. Chaturanan PandeyAssociate ProfessorView Profile
Dr. Ashok KumarUniversity ProfessorView Profile

Courses Offered

Course Duration Eligibility Medium of Instruction Intake
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - English 36 Months Intermediate English + Hindi 60
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