Anti-Ragging Committee

As per the UGC guidelines anti-ragging committee has been formed. The students at the entry level sign an affidavit and submit to the college about non-involvement in ragging activities. Anti-ragging committee makes sure and squad that there are no instances of ragging in the hostel (both campus hostels and out campus hostels) or anywhere in the campus. Anti-ragging posters are prominently displayed at various places within the campus. Main gates are guarded and entry points are screened. CCTV cameras have been installed at main points to have a close eye on the activity of all the students. Safety and security of all the students and staff are ensured.

B.N. College has consistently strived to address contemporary issues like gender, women concerns, safety and security etc. thorough its academic content. Seminar and lectures are organised to Common room: A big common room is present in the college for both girls and boys. There are three separate locations for hostel building, one for the girls and two for boys. The main hostel building which is in the campus consists of four big blocks with common facility. The other one is located in Saidpur Campus. The common room facility is also available there. The hostels are managed by the warden, superintendent, assistant superintendent and other staffs.

Year No. of grievances appealed No. of grievances redressed Average time for grievance redressal in number of days
2013-2014 Nil Nil Nil
2014-2015 38 38 90
2015-2016 5 4 60
2016-2017 2 2 60
2017-2018 1 1 60

Anti Ragging Committee & Anti Ragging Squad

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