The students are provided with the corrected answer-scripts by the relevant faculty members. The doubt and enquiries of the students regarding the pattern of optimal answers are clarified by the examiners. If there is any tabulation related error in the assessment, corrections are duly made by the examiner and the corrected marks is officially posted against the name of the concerned student. The ParentPage 31/85 15-06-2019 04:00:49 Self Study Report of BIHAR NATIONAL COLLEGE, PATNA Teacher Meeting is a regular phenomenon for the First Year and the Second Year students. Such meetings are held after the publication of results of the Mid-Term Tests. If there is a marked discrepancy between class-performance and performance in examination of a student, the teachers consider it to be their responsibility to identify the cause behind such discrepancy. The interaction between the parents and the relevant faculty members can be crucial for such identification.

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If the reason for such discrepancy is purely academic, the teachers try whole-heartedly to provide the students with a broader understanding of the subject of their study (topics already taught in the class are discussed again, students are given time-bound home assignments to be checked by the faculty members, more books and journals are suggested to the students for reading and so on).However the cause may be extra- academic too. In case the student suffers from psychological instability or examination-phobia, the faculty members try to deal with the suffering students and their parents sympathetically. They suggest the students and their parents to take the help of the counsellor who is appointed by the College and is available in the College premises during the college hours.

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The college has well organizational structure including various body. The principal of the college is the head of the institution. The work is divided into two categories which are Academic and Administrative. The academic part consists of Head of the department and faculty members. The administrative consists of head assistant and bursar. Two type of clerk work under head assistant (Lower divisional and upper divisional clerk). The accountant works under the bursar. Peons, sweepers, watchmen, gardener and other staff work administrative department.

Year No. of grievances appealed No. of grievances redressed Average time for grievance redressal in number of days
2013-2014 Nil Nil Nil
2014-2015 38 38 90
2015-2016 5 4 60
2016-2017 2 2 60
2017-2018 1 1 60