National Cadet Corps

Students of Bihar National College, Patna get exposed to the social and economic problems of the society in the neighborhood community through the extension activities conducted by the college . This leads to their holistic development. The Bihar National College is well known for producing leaders. Many of the college alumni and faculty members have gone on to become political leaders and hold significant post in the government.

Major extension activities at Bihar National College, Patna are conducted by:




The NCC of the college actively take part in various activities organized by the government. The college has earned a reputation for being an established institution of higher education with high regard for social responsibility in the region. The extension activities are integral to UG teaching at the college. Engagement of students in these activities is the first window to observe life closely at the grassroots. They become sensitive to the challenges of a developing society like ours and observe the inequities and the challenges they pose towards development potential of people..

This helps the students to learn ethical values and understand their responsibilities, and develop as good citizens. These extension activities influence the students, their understanding of the problems in the rural and urban areas of the state, the various policies of the government or the society and their impact on human life are brought to the perception of the students. They are encouraged to participate in various community development programs to develop their all-round personality. Self-discipline, loyalty, respect and patriotism is nurtured among the NCC students. Many awards were received by the NSS and NCC cadets for their meritorious service. Extension lectures on social evils with outsiders are arranged to create awareness among the students. Folk artists are invited to teach the students about the traditions and rich culture of the state. The students are also encouraged to participate in the following activities: Planting of trees inside the campus as well as in the adopted neighborhood, Blood donation camps, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. All the significant dates such as Republic day, Independence day, Environment day, Yoga Day, Teachers Day etc. are celebrated periodically to familiarize students with the traditions. These activities enable the students to cultivate the much needed traits like self-confidence, leadership, self-discipline, commitment and devotion, hard work and team work and the same qualities will help them to excel in academics as well.

Problem solving skills: For instance, NCC students organize several activities.

Number of extension and outreach Programs conducted in collaboration with Industry, Community and Non- Government Organizations through NSS, year-wise during the last five years

2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
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