Bihar National College Alumni Association (BINACAA) :
A Brief Introduction

Students of B. N. College, Patna have been showing an extraordinary academic performance, securing top merit positions in the Patna University. To track the program outcomes, every department maintains an alumnae data-base which is regularly updated regarding their current position. Alumnae are doing outstanding work both nationally and internationally. Some of the alumnae have occupied a big political position as Sri Lalu Prasad Yadav (Ex-Chief Minister of Bihar), Sri Sushil Kumar Modi (Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar), Sri Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma (Education Minister of Bihar) and many more.

Our alumni have also occupied top positions in administration as well as academics, for instance, Dr. Dinesh Kumar and Dr. Nagesh Kumar, the HODs of Physics and Geography departments are our alumni. They are regularly invited to deliver talks/presentation in their relevant areas to encourage students. Many of alumnae are examiner of the courses, who are giving feedback regarding our courses which helps in improving the teaching methodology time to time. Each and every department tracks their student’s performance after graduation from the department whether like how many students enrolled in higher studies or other services.


The continuous assessment done by each and every department provides feedback on the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process and learning outcomes of each course. This is in the form of assignments which are a part of the continuous internal evaluation. In addition to it, additional quizzes, tests, assignments and sent-up test which are periodically given to students

The various programmes running in our college have substantial scope for skill building, enhancement of conceptual understanding, training in research methodology, and experiential and fieldwork learning. All vocational course students undertake summer-internship in organizations involved in development related activities industries, hospitals and radio station. Every student or a group of student’s works on different project, carries out fieldwork and writes a dissertation or thesis that is evaluated by external examiners. The students are evaluated on this by the organization where they went for internship as well as a committee of teachers for their application of learning from across courses.