Dr. Murari Sharan Manglik - Associate Professor & H.O.D.


“If I was asked what is the greatest treasure which India possess and what is her greatest heritage, I would answer unhesitatingly that it is the Sanskrit language and literature and all that it contains. This is a magnificent inheritance, and so long as this endures and influenced the life of our people, so long will the basic genius of India continue.”

Sanskrit is the classical language of ancient India. Our glorious heritage for most part lies this portrayed in this eternal divine language which continues to fascinate scholars from all over the world even to this date. It is knowledgeable language which is not only the language of literature but it is also the language of medicine, physics, chemistry, astronomy, astrology, beauty therapy and every scripture of the world.

The student who opt for Ayurvedic medicine course, architecture, astrology, Yogya therapy etc. courses for them this languages is Base language because all the verses and base texts are in Sanskrit only. For the students of Economics, MBA and Political Science the rules and regulations set by Narada, Bodhayan, Manu etc. are always useful. Natyashashtra of Bharatmuni is also useful for Indian Theatre. Sanskrit language is also phonetically so rich that by its pronunciation tongue turns in such a way that one can master of any language in scientists of National Brain Research Centre (NBRC) have also discovered that reading Devnagari involves more areas of human brain than roman scripts. Sanskrit is also the perfect language for computers even it tried in Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. NASA is going to use Sanskrit as compulsory language.

In B.N. College, Patna there is also deptt. of Sanskrit. The Department is a part of this college from its beginning. The deptt. has glorious past along with great Sanskrit scholars. In the deptt., traditional courses i.e. B.A. (Hons.) are being taught. Department has also a plan to start add-on and certificate courses in ‘Jyotish (astrology)’, ‘Yogyaridha’, ‘herbal plantation’ and ‘Muhurt Nivaran’.

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B.A. Sanskrit(Hons)

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