• Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Personal Details

NameDr. Rajesh Kumar Singh
DesignationUniversity Professer
Date Of Birth
Date Of joining
MiscellaneousIn a refresher course on: Human Right and Social Justice, Organized by UGC Academic Staff College, PU.

Designation Details :

University Professer

Qualification And Specialization Details :

M. A. & Ph. D.

Teaching Experience Details :

28 Years

Participation In Workshop/Conference/Seminar /Traning Programme etc.:


Participated in 51st Conference of AkhilBhartiya Darshan Parishad in 2007.


Presented paper in AkhilBhartiye Darshan Parishad-2007 on the topic: “Vashvikaran ka Nitishastra”


Participated in 33rd Conference of Bihar Darshan Parishad in 2007


Presented a paper in UGC sponsored National Seminar on: Adhikar evam Kartavya ki Prishtbhumi mein Aajka Janmanas.” Organized by R. P. M. College, Patna City.-2008


Participated in a National Seminar on the topic: “Simantnaitikta: Tyag athva Dayitva.” Organized by Kisan College, Sohsarai-2011


Presented a paper in UGC sponsored National Seminar on: Subaltein Morality.” Organized by Kisan College, Sohsarai-2011


Presented a paper in National Seminar on: “Challenges of Higher Education.” Organized by AkhilBhartiye Rastriye Shaikshik Mahasangh-2011


Paricipated in UGC sponsored National Seminar on: Social, Ethical and Legal Issues Relted to Euthanasia” Organised by Patna Women’s College-2012


Participated in ICPR sponsored National Seminar on: Moral Crisis on Contemporary Indian Ethics, Organized by J. D. Women’s College, Patna.-2012


UGC Sponsored National Seminar on: “Takniki Swayetta Ki Trashdi,” Organized by Arvind Mahila College, Patna-2012


published in proceedings of a national seminar on the topic- “Suchana evam Sanchar yugmein Manviye Sambandhevam Adhikar ka Dayitva-Bodh”

Books :

A member of Editorial Board of the magazine-“Darshanik Traimasik” published by Akhil Bhartiye Darshan Parishad.

Popular Articles :


.“Gandhi ji ka Trusteeship ka Sidhant.” Published by Janki Prakashan in 2007.


Rajnitishastra: Vaygyanikta Banam Naitik Mulya.” Published by Darshanik Traimashik in 2007


“Tezi MandiKa ye Daur evam Punjivadka Nitishastra.” Pubished in Darshanik Anugunj-2008, published by Bihar Darshan Parishad


.”Ethics and Epics: Reflection on Indian Ethos” a review, by Kanchan Shaksena and Rajesh Kr. Singh.


“Prof. Ramesh Chandra Sinha Evam Simant Darshan ka Vikas.” Published in Anupryukt Darshan evam Nitishastra ke ayam, Published by A. B. D. P.N. B. B. C., New Delhi-2013