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Introduction:The Department of Zoology was opened in B.N. College, in 1950’s as Department of Biological Science but split into Department of Zoology and Botany in early 1970s. The Post Graduation Course was introduced in 1990 and due to pancity of teachers it was closed in year 2000. Presently only graduation course is available to forty students each year. The Department has contributed a lot in the field of study of Zoology from both teaching and research point of view.

Aims:Simple and advance knowledge of Zoology is also supplied to student to make them more competent in nature. Biodiversity (Fauna), Pollution, ecosystem biostatistics are very needful chapters for students.

Scope:After graduation course, students are capable to get admission in higher education of Entomology and Fisheries etc.

Course Structure:Three years degree course

Teachers Name:

  1. Prof. P. Nath, Head Of Department
  2. Dr. M.L. Gupta

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