Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics at B.N Colllege Was Started in The Year 1980 With Under the headship of Dr. S.M. Zahiruddin and the assistant professor Dr. Markandey Rai (Now posted in kenya under UNO). Later on this department was assisted by meny ad-hoc teacher. This department has three Sanctioned teaching posts and one post of laboretry- incharge (new it is re-designoted as demonstrator through the notification of HRD Department of goverment of Bihar.

Faculty List

S.N Name Qualification Teaching Assignment
1 Dr. Binod Kumar Pandey Asstt. Prof. & H.O.D. Descriptive Statistics, Probability and Its distribution, Calculus of Finite Diffirences, Sampling Distribusion, Quality Control, Operational Research, Etc.

Teaching Materials

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