Department of Chemistry

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Chemistry department of B. N. College, Patna is located at the far end of the college near the bank of the holy Ganga River. It is one of the most important parts of the science block of the college. Alongwith its sister physics department, it gives a real look of an independent educational entity.

The department has its own glorious past. It came into existence since the establishment of the college in 1889. It would be better to state one simple fact: Dr. Jogesh Chandra Bannerjee, ex-head of the Chemistry department, B. N. College did his double Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry 60 yrs back from England with noble prize winner scientist in chemistry, and had been visiting lecturer in so many countries. The department has well organized three king size practical labs, two extra big lecture theatre cum conference hall. It also has a rich library of its own.

Main aim of the department is to impart teaching (theoretical and practical) to undergraduate students of honours and subsidiary level, strictly following the guidelines of the Patna University approved syllabus. Students are prepared for doing best in University exam and other exams like Chemistry Olympiad for students.

Students with Hons. degree in Chemistry has tremendous opportunities in the field of higher education and research in the core area of chemistry.

Presently course structure of B.Sc. (Hons.) operates in three main verticals of core chemistry i.e. (i) Organic Chemistry, (ii) Inorganic Chemistry, and (iii) Physical Chemistry.

Faculty List

S.N Name Qualification Teaching Assignment
1 Dr. Mansur Alam Associate Professor & H.O.D. Physical Chemistry
2 Dr. Ram Nandan Prasad Associate Professor
3 Dr. Md. Faiyaz Ahsan Associate Professor Physical Chemistry
4 Dr. Irshad Ali Associate Professor Organic Chemistry
5 Dr. Shailendra Associate Professor Organic Chemistry
6 Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry
7 Dr. Kumar Krishnanand Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry,Organic Chemistry